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Serve the world with a heart full of Gold and happiness will follow. My grandfather used to tell me these words everyday and it was printed in my mind right away. My vision for the company is simply to serve the world in exports industry with as many as possible products in the coming years. Natural honey is our first product and i intend to work hard on our customer service, Delivery and Keep the quality of our product as pure as we can. Our procurement comes directly from the bee keepers of India and we get the honey purified from some of our FMCG Partners companies. My vision for the company has made me work harder and work for the next 20 Years to make the products easily available for our buying partners. We have worked hard to keep our delivery rate on 96% and kept it convenient for our buying partners as our containers are easily trackable until they reach it's last delivery point. I Intend to keep the process of Honey procurement simple for our buying partners from India to throughout the World. I started this company with my wife and cofounder who also funded the company in its initial days. Working alone we have a small cozy team bringing us out of operations to focus on the sales and strategy of the company's future. After many obstacles we are here to hit our sales.





Vaishali SHARMA

Operations Executive



Core Features

Making honey is a complex and unique process

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Our Team Vision

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